Other activities


Founder and Director of Kinderhart Kamishibai

Kinderhart Kamishibai is an organization aiming to make people acquainted with “kamishibai”, a Japanese form of storytelling. Kamishibai can be used to endorse children’s language development. More information is available on the website (in Dutch) of Kinderhart Kamishibai.


  • Wanrooij, K. (2006). Kamishibai. De Magie van het Vertelkastje. Den Haag: Biblion UItgeverij. (This is a book in Dutch on kamishibai and its educational possibilities).
  • Wanrooij, K. (2013). 生後1年目の乳児の発達. ソーシャル・インターアクションと「共感」の重要性について. 紙芝居文化の会, Vol. 22, 4-8. (The English version of this popular scientific article was published in 2014: Infants’ development in the first year of life: the importance of social interaction and kyokan. Kamishibai Newsletter of the International Kamishibai Association of Japan, Vol. 10, 21-24).

Invited speaker

Kamishibai in the Netherlands. Differences in practices and development of kamishibai in Dutch society and other European countries. At the European Kamishibai meeting at UNESCO in Paris (April 2 – 3, 2012)


Translator of Japanese children’s books into Dutch:

  • De Geest op het Dak (2005). (“Amefuribana Saita”, written by Akiko Sueyoshi). Amsterdam: Leopold.
  • Several kamishibai stories (see the overview on the website of Kinderhart Kamishibai)