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Bridging research and ‘practice’, especially in the public sector and in education
Intercultural communication
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Founder and Director of Kinderhart Kamishibai

Kinderhart Kamishibai is an organization aiming to make people acquainted with “kamishibai”, a Japanese form of storytelling. Kamishibai can be used to endorse children’s intercultural awareness, sense of inclusion and language development. More information is available on the website (in Dutch) of Kinderhart Kamishibai.


  • Wanrooij, K. (2006).
    Kamishibai. De Magie van het Vertelkastje. Den Haag: Biblion UItgeverij. (This is a book in Dutch on kamishibai and its educational possibilities).
  • Wanrooij, K. (2013).
    生後1年目の乳児の発達. ソーシャル・インターアクションと「共感」の重要性について. 紙芝居文化の会, Vol. 22, 4-8. (The English version of this popular scientific article was published in 2014:
    Infants’ development in the first year of life: the importance of social interaction and kyokan. Kamishibai Newsletter of the International Kamishibai Association of Japan, Vol. 10, 21-24).

Invited speaker

Kamishibai in the Netherlands. Differences in practices and development of kamishibai in Dutch society and other European countries. At the European Kamishibai meeting at UNESCO in Paris (April 2 – 3, 2012)


Translator of Japanese children’s books into Dutch:

  • Welkom in het Lloyd Hotel (2019). (“Youkoso Roido Hoteru he”, written by Etsuko Nozaka; illustrations: Yasuyoshi Botan). Amsterdam: Rubinstein.
  • De Geest op het Dak (2005). (“Amefuribana Saita”, written by Akiko Sueyoshi). Amsterdam: Leopold.
  • Several kamishibai stories (see the overview on the website of Kinderhart Kamishibai)